A Life-changing Experience on Planet Earth

Discover the ultimate space experience with XCOR's Virtual Space Expedition. The ultimate promotional tool for experience products.

Powered by the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display and the Samsung Gear VR it allows the user to be inside the XCOR Lynx spacecraft for a five minute flight into virtual orbit. Pioneering in actual space flight and rocket engines, XCOR now gives prospective future astronauts the possibility to preview their flight in virtual reality. 

When buying a ticket to space, many people ask how it will be, what emotions are involved and what can be expected 1 in over 100 km above the ground. These uncertainties can lead to a purchase or hinder it. With the XCOR Virtual Space Expeditions we can now show what it could be like, thus not only exciting future astronauts, but also giving them something tangible that makes our promise of a life-changing experience more real.

The flight starts on the ground while preparations from the pilot are done. Sitting on the right side of the two-seat spacecraft, the sky and the pilot can be observed. The engines start, the chair vibrates and the Lynx takes off. Silence. The view is nothing short of amazing. The astonishing sensation of weightlessness and cosmic beauty invoke emotions beyond this reality. Enjoy the view from inside and outside the spacecraft for a few minutes until returning to this reality and planet earth.

With the help of the latest VR technology available XCOR Space Expeditions cooperated with ForceField to craft this virtual trip into space. Together with the vibrating"buttkicker" function of the chair this becomes the ultimate space experience on earth.